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In the Month of Lovers: How to love and care for your wardrobe

At Jeeves, we love our clothes and of course, we also love our customers clothing. Caring for our client's beloved apparel is what we do, and we always relish being able to bring fine garments back to their best. Although we always love to see you, we also want to make sure you are taking the best possible care of your clothing at home. There are a few simple things you can do yourself to ensure you get the most out of your garments. Here are our 5 tips for taking care of your treasured wardrob...

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Jeeves Loves: The Latest Seasonal Trends and Stand Out Apparel

At Jeeves, we love to keep our finger on the latest fashion trends, especially when it comes to seasonal wardrobe attire and stand out garments. February is known for being the month of lovers, but it’s also a notable month for fashion lovers with the awards season in full swing. Stand out ceremonies such as the Grammy’s take place in Los Angeles, and the BAFTA’s and the Brit Awards here in London. These events are famous for showcasing the best (and sometimes the worst) the fa...

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After 30 years of service, John is no stranger to greatness

The reason that Jeeves excels at garment care is down the the expertise and experience of our staff. One such member of staff, John Pearce, hits a milestone this month as he celebrates 30 years of service at Jeeves. Over his 3 decades at Jeeves, John has acquired an indispensable amount of knowledge that he has used to undertake meticulous care on the garments he looks after, but also some stories to tell along the way.

However as we celebrate John’s achievement, today we tell his story.

John joined Jeeves of Belgravia, when he was fresh out of school, as an assistant dry cleaner in March 1986. Since that time, he has witnessed change within both the fashion and the dry cleaning industry. For example, Jeeves’ investment into more environmentally friendly solvents such as GreenEarth means that more intricate, detailed and delicate fabrics can be safely cleaned, and which has meant that Jeeves has seen increasingly glamorous garments come through its doors.

After John had gained proficiency within the chemical side of the business, he became a spotting technician whose challenge it was to remove all sorts of stains from all types of garments. His expertise was such that he was asked to train the household staff of Middle Eastern royalty in stain removal and cleaning best practice when they spent a couple of weeks at Jeeves in London.

However, it is John’s work within the cleaning of suede, leather and fur garments where he has truly excelled. This intricate skill required to clean these materials has meant that John has worked on many very high value garments. One of the most memorable garments John was entrusted with was the Leather Flying Jacket worn as worn by the late and great Steve McQueen in the film The Great Escape. John was undaunted by this challenge and faced and conquered it with excellent results. Indeed, he has never been fazed by any garment or blemish that he has encountered - deconstructing garments, to then clean and reconstruct them is second nature to John.

John says that within his professional life, it has always been his goal to achieve the highest possible standards within his work, and he has found his career at Jeeves both worthwhile and rewarding.

As such an expert in his field, we asked him what useful advice he could impart to Jeeves customers. This is what he said: in his experience, customers tend usually to have their leather, suede and fur items cleaned only when there is ingrained soiling, and often do not store these items correctly which can unfortunately result in atmospheric discolouration. John’s advice is to clean these items regularly, and then store them away from natural light and strong odours, and under no circumstances should domestic treatment on stains or spills be undertaken – leave it to Jeeves to take care of it instead.

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